How To Choose The Right Lingerie for Your Body Type

Want to show off or accentuate your bodyChoose pieces that are cut to highlight your favorite physical features.

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If you love your chest, choose a lower cut or strappy neckline for drama. 

If you are totally diggin’ your back, choose something with an open back or that has a dramatic low back.


Stomach your best asset? Pick a few pairs of low-cut underwear to properly frame and flaunt it.

Want the illusion of little more length? A high-cut panty or bodysuit will draw the eye up, creating the illusion of longer legs.

Tall? Embrace it!  A classic bra, panties, garter belt, and thigh-high stocking ensemble keeps our attention on the length of your legs.

If you are all about those shoulders, that’s where the racer backs and halters come in. 

Curves for days?  Bodysuits are some of our absolute favorite types of outfits. Why? They are form-fitting, hug your body and they look amazing on everybody!  And there are styles and cuts for every aesthetic. You can also keep those curves coming by adding a high waisted garter belt or panty! 

Want some fun ideas on how to make it a little more interesting and fun?  Try layering. For a classic look, add a garter belt or a pair of thigh highs to a basic bra and panty set. You can add a peignoir, robe or a sheer shirt too.

Sometimes a look is only one piece. Sometimes it’s several. 


© 2020 Modern Muse Boudoir